Jeans & Leggings

Jeans & Leggings

Jeans & Leggings

Style Elle offers a diverse selection of women’s jeans and leggings from Canadian renowned fashion houses such as Joseph Ribkoff , Frank Lyman and Shan, as well as jeans and leggings from Europe.

Embellished fashion jeans, skinny jeans, stretch jeans, pull up jeans, jeans with pearls, jeans with stones, jeans with animal prints, and jeans with distressed detailing, Style Elle has them All! During the cooler months, jeans are in different fabrics such as corduroy and velours, in rich hues and warm tones, solid or printed, they will be an eye-catcher. In the warmer months, jeans are lightweight, and lighter in colour, where pale blue hues are dominant in the trends. Rhinestone jeans and lace inserts in jeans as well as jeans with an embellished turn up cuff and capri length jeans are a must.

Whatever the style jean it will be, Style Elle makes them available from size 2-22 and XS-XXL. Jeans can be low waisted, or high waisted , zipper front, or pull up, 5 pocket jeans or smooth front and back. As original the jeans can be, they are always easy to wear, washable despite all the embellishment they carry , and comfortable to wear, as they always have a 2 way stretch lycra integrated in the fabric.

Leggings in solid color fabrics, animal prints, or retro designs are always stylish and comfort level is at its highest. Shan offers their signature 3D Jersey legging , where quality is at its highest, and comfort is too. Their legging is in a class of its own! Leggings have several lengths and all are popular and trendy…to the ankle, under the knee or mid calf leggings.

Leggings with leather front, or leather inserts and full leather with stretch are always beautiful with a long sweater in the cooler months and leggings with lace inserts and embellished with rhinestones and pearls are matched with flowy tunics in the warmer months. Whatever the season leggings are offered from sizes XS-XXL.

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