C140CC3 Marco Moreo- Pascale Sneaker



THE DELUXE SNEAKER The white sneaker is a timeless classic that goes with any outfit at any time of day. A must-have piece in every wardrobe. This sneaker has toe studs and a contrast-color tongue. Features
  • Leather upper, velvet detailing
  • Toe with nickel studs
  • Rubber sole, lighter than ever
  • Height: heel 4 cm; sole 2.5 cm
Fit Super comfortable and really easy-wearing: after all, it’s a sneaker! A few more details...
  • The contrast-colour tongue: ultra-soft velvet that’s just crying out to be stroked
  • The pavé of little studs around the toe – an unexpected detail
  • The stitched monogram: proudly MarcoMoreo!
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