Our Picks

Our Picks

Our Picks

Our Picks consist of our favourite pieces from our collection, throughout the year. For an item to make it to “Our Picks” , several criteria have been met, where our high standards of quality, comfort and WOW factor have been attained.

Each associate at Style Elle has her favourite pieces, and each girl’s name will appear next to her chosen piece. From pants and shorts comparing comfort and durability to style and fashionista effect with jeans and leggings. Shirts and blouses are loved for the sexiness and femininity , while tunics for their flattering effects while worn with leggings. Tees and camis are loved for their versatility as accent pieces and twin sets for their completed look as a finished outfit.

Dresses are popular amongst us for their perfect fit, despite our size and shape and jumpsuits for their style and pizazz. Our loungewear receives our applauds for its forever comfort and ability to be extended to streetwear, while our jackets and cover ups , blazers and boleros are popular with us for their attractive qualities and finishing pieces. Sweater are loved for their blast of colour, and richness of luxurious knits and the comfort they provide, as where cardigans for their feminine touch as a layering piece .

Finally our ponchos and capes get our vote for their originality as they are kept as timeless pieces in our wardrobe, to allow for an amortized investment. Our accessories are especially important to us, as it is this tiny detail that will differentiate your outfit as your own , with your personal touch to finish it all off. Coats are chosen based on their capable qualities to weather the elements and their practicality, and skirts are loved for their look and flare.

Whatever the item, when we put our name on it, it is in our wardrobe and we’re loving it!

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